Customer reviews (editing)

“Though I’m a former English and journalism teacher, I’m terrible at editing my own work. That’s why I’ve got Vickie. She did an outstanding job editing my YA fantasy, and I plan on hiring her for my upcoming YA paranormal.” 

“I’m very happy with the editing work done by Vickie Johnstone. She has polished my manuscript to give an eloquent feel and easy reading. I would recommend her for editing your manuscript if excellence is your standard.”
Helmy Kusuma

“Vickie Johnstone was the editor of my book, A Vicious Love Story. She corrected spelling, checked names and places, and tidied my manuscript up in general in such as way as not to the change my actual voice as an author. She is also a very fast worker and delivers what she promises to. In addition, she made personal notes and suggestions which were much appreciated. I was very pleased with the results and will most certainly use her in the future.”
Teddie Dahlin

“Vickie Johnstone edited my book, Smell of Resin. I was more than pleased with her editing skills, suggestions and very timely communication. I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing her services.”
Joyce Mitchell

“Vickie did a wonderful job of editing my book. I love how she was able to make my book flow so well. I will be using her services in the future for upcoming projects.”
CS Dorsey

“Vickie Johnstone’s style of editing fits my style of writing perfectly. She understood what I was aiming to get across to my audience of five to eight-year-olds. I really like how she made suggestions on how to enhance my stories by adding more descriptive words. By adding the one word or phrase Vickie suggested, the mental picture I was trying to create became much clearer. I highly recommend Vickie as an editor. She is very thorough and gives that little extra help that many authors need.”
Greta Burroughs

“Ecstatic that I had finally finished my first novel, little did I realise the hardest part was still to come. Trying to source an editor proved tricky until a friend recommended Vickie. Checking out her website, I felt happy to pass my 49,000 written words over to her. My first attempt at writing a book, it sorely lacked structure but through Vickie’s professional touch, it was transformed into the perfect story. The fact that she happily edited the first page for free was a bonus and gave me complete confidence in her work from the very start. I would highly recommend her editing skills as, without changing my style, she corrected and improved areas where needed, only at my agreement. I will definitely use her in the future as, besides being a great editor, she is friendly, helpful, reliable and economical. I have enjoyed working with her.”
Marjolein Hoes

“Vickie just edited my second horror novel, Deadly Descent, and I can’t rave about her enough. She caught so many items I overlooked and her ability to fine tune any potential plot holes is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone that might need a proper editor.”

“I worked with Vickie for the first time on my book, Man Vs Cat, and have nothing but praise for her work. Vickie kept me informed of her progress throughout, and completed the book both quickly and efficiently to the highest of standards. I can fully recommend Vickie and will have no hesitation in working with her again in future.”
David M Brown

“Vickie’s attention to detail and observations were wonderful. Her method of providing a version with comments and an edited ‘clean’ one with changes is fantastic. Made doing my final version way less painful!”
Lynne Emery

“Vickie Johnstone edited three books for me - The Hitchhiker, The Unknown Stories, and Dancing into the Dark, which already is getting good ranking online. I was and am very thankful she did too. She did an excellent job and I think, thanks to her good work, I might just have a great seller on my hands. I do recommend her services.”
Robert L Ruisi

“Working with Vickie was so easy and fun. She took the time to understand my characters and how they spoke, and did a very thorough job. She also gave me a lot of tips that I can look out for when writing that will help my future books be stronger. I found her to be very accessible, even though we live in different countries and always got back to me quickly when I had questions. I enjoyed my experience very much and received a lot of positive comments from readers directly related to suggestions Vickie made. I will most certainly work with her again in the future. Thanks Vickie!”
Jen Domenico

“As all new authors must, I recently put myself through a terrifying experience. I had just finished writing my first book, and like a proud papa with his first born, I sent it off into the scary world. I then waited (however impatiently) for it to return, not knowing if I would recognize it as my own or if it would come back with a Mohawk, 500 tattoos, and 20 facial piercings.
   ”The very first thing I saw in the return email, made my heart skip a beat: DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE RED. Wow... Now that is a scary thing to read, and I, being the obedient individual that I am, immediately opened up the edited page and saw it in all its glory. However, before I despaired completely, my publisher urged me to read through the finished product before making decisions.
   ”I did so very nervously, but to my amazement, very little had fundamentally changed. The ideas were there, more clear and readable than ever before. Vickie did an excellent job in finding small plot holes, duplicate words, unanswered questions and anything else that I left out, on top of the grammar. She was a pleasure to work with, and I believe that her work will make me look REALLY good. Which, in my opinion, is an important part of her job as editor.
   ”I would gladly go back to her for my next book, and I look forward to working with her again. She was professional, competent, fast, and fun to work with (plus it didn’t hurt that she is a Final Fantasy lover). If you are looking for an excellent editor that puts a lot of herself into the reading and editing of your book, look no further.”
JR Simmons

“It isn’t often that I am compelled to write a review so quickly. Normally I would wait a day or so to clear my head and become more objective, but Vickie’s attention to detail, friendly manner and clear explanation of changes places her on such a high level that it demanded instant reviewing. There is little doubt that her talents are worth every penny.”
David Lowbridge

“I am so happy with Vickie Johnstone’s work on my book, The Panther Queen. As an editor she is thorough, professional and extremely thoughtful in her suggestions. Her advice was solidly explained every step of the process, resulting in a book of much higher quality. I recommend her editing services without reservation.”
Ed Drury

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