Books edited

Helmy Kusuma, There is Hope, September 2011
Helmy Kusuma, Mementoes of Mai, new version, April 2012
Tara West, Curse of the Ice Dragon, April & August 2012
Sarah Tsomides, I am a Harvester of Light, new version, May 2012
Teddie Dahlin, A Vicious Love Story, June 2012
Joyce Mitchell, Smell of Resin, June 2012
Candice Dorsey, Bloody Rose, July 2012
Greta Burroughs, Patchy & Calico's Summer Vacation, July 2012
Tara West, a YA fantasy novel, in July & in August 2012
Marjolein Hoes, The Blue Sofa, August 2012
R G Porter, Deadly Descent, September 2012
David M Brown, Man vs Cat, October 2012
Lynne Emery, All I want for Christmas, November 2012
Little Acorns Publishing, Book of Eros Collection, November 2012
Greta Burroughs, Christmas with Patchy & Calico, November 2012
Candice Dorsey, The Unsacred Gift, November 2012
Joyce Mitchell, Petals from the Past, November 2012
Campbell Benson, Men Don't Like Ugly, Women Don't Like Broke, December 2012
Kristina Jackson, Plot Bunny, December 2012
R G Porter, Roots of Ransom, December 2012
AC Winfield, Ebony, the Star Pirate, December 2012
Little Acorns Publishing, Peppermint Pixie, January 2013
Lorhainne Eckhart, A Baby and a Wedding, January 2013
Alex Canton, It's in the Water, January 2013
Lynn Emery, Sweet Mystery, January 2013
Robert L Ruisi, The Unknown Stories, January 2013
Robert L Ruisi, The Hitchhiker, January 2013
Robert L Ruisi, Dancing into the Fog, February 2013
Jennifer Domenico, After the Rain, February 2013
Joyce Mitchell, Toby the Trout, February 2013
Joyce Mitchell, Hope, February 2013
Alex Canton, The Woman Who Never Wore Make-up, February 2013
Rayne Hall, Prophetess, March 2013
Emmy Swain, Franklin Bean & Bubbie's Bullies, March 2013
T Edmisten, Like You Mean It, April 2013
Steve Mwase, Dunia, April-July 2013 (rewriting)
R G Porter, Blood Betrayal, April 2013
Jo Briggs, Second Chances, May-June 2013
J R Simmons, Ragesong: Awakening, June 2013
Joyce Mitchell, Fishy Adventures of Gus, Toby and TooToo, June 2013
Ed Drury, The Panther Queen (new edit), July 2013
Claire Gillenson, My Heart Remembers My Pet, July 2013
David Lowbridge, Entrapment, August 2013
AC Winfield, The Comet Cat, August 2013
Jo Briggs, Starstruck, August 2013
Denise Rago, Blood Tears, September 2013

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